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The Thoughts of Traumaddict

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cheeses and crackers, forests and bushes.

I'd like to briefly introduce myself; I am the one and only, the inane and opinionated— I am Traumaddict.

Now, it's probably not the best idea for someone to enter the disorganized and slightly dispassionate mess which collects in my mind. But, if you're reading this now, I'm going to assume that you're probably not the most brightest of light bulbs, eh? Besides, I've somewhat planned out this little entry. I shall discuss probing issues; ones which will rattle your world; issues which were always in the background of your attention but never really considered until now. Am I serious?

Probably not.

So, are you wondering about the real plan? I would be too if I was reading this load of bull. But, because I'm writing this load of bull, then I should know the plan, right? Should I stop using rhetorical questions in my sentences? No. Rhetorical questions make the world go 'round. Betcha didn't know that! Hah!

I swear I'm not procrastinating because I have no clue what to write about. I promise. I swear to G—

That's right.
I'm not religious.


Have I mentioned that I'm Traumaddict? I have? Dear, Cheesus. What have I been talking about for the past two minutes? I probably should go. Yeah. That sounds like a better alternative. I think you must be sick of my tireless Traumaddict-babble. Frankly, I would be too. It's only natural. I can imagine myself speaking this whole thing very, very fast. But, knowing me, I'd stumble over a word. Like "Hi, I'm—"

Okay, leaving now.

Goodbye, my lovelies. I will return with more... substantial Traumaddict-babble later on.