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“In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” — Robert Frost

Good morning, afternoon, night and/or midnight. I'm traumaddict. I'm interested in journalism, creative writing, traditions in all cultures and long walks on the beach. My age is classified. My real name is also classified. Where I live? Definitely classified. Although, anybody knowing what to look for, should be able to figure out where I come from.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea why I joined LiveJournal. It seemed like a good idea. At the time. But, now, I'm not entirely sure. What the Hell am I going to post on LiveJournal? Sure, I'm opinionated. Sure, I'm antsy. But, I'm a teenager. Angst comes with the job. Have you ever seen a antsy teen on a sugar high? Weirdest thing ever...

God. I never know how to stay on the same tangent. I always get carried away.

Anyway, don't count on my posts being related or consistent. I'm not very reliable. In fact, don't rely on any form of adolescent. I'm serious. We're weird because of all our raging hormones. Honestly. Adolescents only thing with two things, one or the other, and neither of those things are their brains.

Where was I again?

Yeah, I have no clue either.

Let's begin again.


Fine then. That's your loss. I'll curl up in my antsy corner and cry and write depressing poetry and wear flower crowns and pretend I'm indie because that's what everybody is doing.

Did you know there's a probability that I'm insane? Like, people are just waiting for me to snap so they can diagnose me with some unnamed illness called traumaddict. I don't know. But, imagine being diagnosed with a disease called "traumaddict."

I feel like I'm entering insensitive territory, so I'm going to stop and wrap this crazy crap up.

Please. Feel free to gag at anything that I post and make comments about it which could either make me really happy or really pissed off. Beware, I am but a ball of nasty angst.

- traumaddict